You see, Jamaicans can be very suspicious people when it comes to the dead or ghosts (or the duppy as we call it). From what I understand, you should never pick up money, or more specifically, coins, off the road or on the ground if you were not the one that dropped it in the first place. This is bad luck and can be very dangerous. Of course, there is no scientific proof to that claim or any claims concerning picking money up off the street. As far as I am concerned, it is merely a story we told as children.

As kids, we used to say that it is the obeah man that dropped the money in order to 'catch' somebody. If that were not the case then it would be that the money belongs to a duppy and it will haunt us if we trouble it. I will explain this a little more later on.

I was sweeping the front yard yesterday morning and I saw ten dollars on the ground. I did what most Jamaicans would do and left it alone. Then I began thinking why I had decided to let the money stay and I found it rather interesting.